About Namakwa District Municipality


“Namakwa District, the centre of excellence!”

Mission Statement:

We will strive to achieve our vision through:

• The stimulation of radical economic and social transformation;
• The fostering of partnership with relevant role-players;
• Supporting and capacitating of local municipalities;
• Transparent and accountable processes; and
• Providing of local leadership

District Strategic Objectives:

• Monitor and support local municipalities to deliver basic services which include water, sanitation, housing, electricity and waste management
• Support vulnerable groups
• Improve administrative and financial viability and capability
• Promote and facilitate Local Economic development
• Enhance good governance
• Promote and facilitate spatial transformation and sustainable urban development
• Improve communication and communication systems
• Establish a customer care system
• Invest in the improvement of ICT systems
• To render a municipal health services
• To coordinate the disaster management and fire management services in the district
• Implement the climate change response plan
• Caring for the environment


• The Namakwa District Municipality adheres to the values contained in the Batho Pele Principles
• Professionalism
• Customer focus
• Respect
• Dignity
• Political maturity
• Sense of urgency
• Sense of belonging

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NAMAKWA combines the unspoilt expanses of Namaqualand & Hantam Karoo to form a region of exquisite natural beauty & contrast. This is a land where ancient history, modern technology and the universe join in harmonious concord.


Van Riebeeck Street
Springbok 8240


Tel:+27(0) 27 712 8000
Fax: +27(0) 27 712 8040

Emergency no: 10177