The biggest District Municipality geographically in South Africa


South of the |ai|ais/Richtersveld transfrontier park

The Richtersveld communities are home to the true Nama culture. Each village here has recently had new unique new tourism facilities built which which affords the traveller a great opportunity to meet the Nama people. Lekkersing,the most southerly of the villages has an accommodation encampment 12km from the village in a well selected wooded area. Eksteenfontein, just north of Lekkersing has recently upgraded its bungalows in the heart of town, which are perfectly placed for interaction with the locals. Sanddrift, on the banks of the Orange River, has a well sheltered encampment consisting of reed and wooden chalets. Kuboes, with its white-washed buildings, offers accommodation in traditional Nama matjies huts or in recently constructed Capestyled cottages. (More information and photos on page 16. |Ai|Ais/Richtersveld and community based tourism on pages 40, 41 and 48.).
Richtersveld National Park Sendelingsdrift
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