The biggest District Municipality geographically in South Africa

Hondeklip Bay

110km Southwest of springbok

This little village was once the main harbour from which the copper ore of Namaqualand was exported after being transported by ox wagon along the Messelpad Pass. It is now a peaceful settlement of 750 souls. For the 4×4 enthusiast it offers a vast, unspoilt coastline to explore. The Dog Stone near the police station, from which the village derives its name, keeps watch over the graves of long forgotten sailors.

Crayfishing In season, a permit obtained in Springbok, Garies or Hondeklip Bay will allow you to dive for crayfish and other seafood.
Scenic drives Circular routes back to the N7 make for spectacular scenic drives during the flower season.
Shipwreck The wreck of the Aristea that ran aground in 1945 is south of the town.