The biggest District Municipality geographically in South Africa


2km northeast of springbok
Concordia was originally formed as a mission station by Rev Mr Brecher, a Rhenish missionary in 1852. From 1853 to 1933 the Namaqua Copper Company exploited copper deposits when it was sold and became the Okiep Copper Company. During the Anglo-Boer War (April 1902) the Boer Commandos used
Concordia as their headquarters while Okiep was under siege. Old Cornish mine houses still remain as well as the granary which was used as a hospital by Boer Commandos.
Concordia Grave Yard Graves from early Rhenish missionary pioneers and unmarked graves of fallen Boers from the siege of Okiep in 1902.
Granite Ore Bins Near the town at the old mines of Tweefontein and New Prospect are ore bins/shutes which are good examples of Cornish stone masonry.
Orbicule Koppie West of Concordia, exhibits the best example of orbicular diorite in the country. This rare rock texture is the result of granitoid magmas separating while in a fluid state, with one granite type forming ovoid ‘orbs’ showing concentric internal banding, within a ground mass of slightly different composition.
Rhenish Mission Church The original Rhenish mission church that was established in 1852 by Rev Mr Brecher.
United Reformed Church A stone church built by Cornishmen in 1875, it houses
an organ dating back to 1915.
 The rare rock type of Orbicule Koppie