The biggest District Municipality geographically in South Africa

Alexander Bay

252km Northwest of springbok
Alexander Bay is the most northerly situated town along the west coastline of South Africa. After diamonds were discovered along this coast in 1925, Alexander Bay became known for its mining activities. The resulting ‘diamond rush’ led to the Diamond Coast rebellion of 1928. The town was founded by Sir James Edward Alexander in 1836. He shipped the copper ore that he mined at Kodas in the Richtersveld in barges down the Orange River for export from this bay. The town is no longer a high security area and no permits are needed.
Alluvial Diamond Mine and Museum Tours
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Nama Culture To be experienced at the four communities of the Richtersveld to the east of Alexander Bay. Eksteenfontein, Sanddrif, Kuboes and Lekkersing all offer newly constructed tourist accommodation. More information on the villages of the Richtersveld can be seen on pages 40, 41, 42 & 48).

Orange River Estuary A RAMSAR-site, renowned for its prolific birdlife. More than 75 species of waterbirds occur. The mouth of the Orange River, the most north-western corner of the country offers excellent angling opportunities.
World’s largest, desert lichen-field With 26 species, the lichen-field lies atop a hill east of the town.
More than 75 species of waterbirds occur in the Orange River Estuary
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