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The summer holidays are finally here, and for most South African families this is the one holiday that allows for reconnecting and spending time together. Why not start your holiday the moment you depart and enjoy a leisurely drive through the Northern Cape en route to your destination?Linger a little longer and enjoy the abundance of activities and attractions located just off the major routes. If you have a little more time, explore some of the hidden travel gems of this amazing province and stay over for a night or two.We wish you safe travels and many happy returns to this truly unique destination.

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Discover Namakwa
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Namakwa combines the unspoilt expanses of Namaqualand and Hantam Karoo to form a region of exquisite natural beauty and contrast.

Once the domain of the Khoi-San, an ancient, indigenous culture, the seemingly arid, semidesert soil hides huge reservoirs of mineral and floral wealth. With almost tangible allure, Namakwa’s soft, semidesert winds entice you into exploring her innermost secrets. This is a land where ancient history, modern technology and the universe join in harmonious concord. Lava mountains display impossible rock formations, nature reserves abound with game and birdlife, unusual vegetation blankets huge tracts of land and the magic of spring paints the desert’s canvas with a brilliant palette of flowers that has become world renowned. If you enjoy challenges and adventure take on our river rapids, trek
through a unique mountain desert or explore a working diamond mine or deserted copper plant. The mountains, rivers, valleys and coastline are criss-crossed by hiking, biking, canoe and 4×4 trails, the unique architecture links us to a fading past, home industries thrive, delicious home-baked fare offers gastronomic delight – and much more!

The land of the Nama is nature’s playground, a kingdom of contrasts where beauty, rigorous adventure and wide open spaces pool mysterious forces to create a natural wonderland for those privileged to witness it.

Orientation and Weather

Goegap Nature Reserve
Just 15km southeast of Springbok, Goegap features most of Namakwa’s natural riches in 15 000ha. It supports close on 600 indigenous flower species, 45 mammal species (including springbok, gemsbok and the Hartmann’s mountain zebra), 94 bird species and several species of reptile and amphibian. The Hester Malan Wild Flower Garden is a spectacular, additional feature. A 4×4 trail complements three hiking and a mountain-biking trail. The reserve is open daily from 08:00-16:00. Tel 027 718 9906; Fax 027 718 9907. Limited accommodation available.

Namaqua National Park
Situated west of the N7 national road, it can only be found by travelling northwards through the town of Kamieskroon, past the hotel, under the N7 and then 18km along the Wolwepoort gravel road. This 103 000ha Namaqua showcase captures the full grandeur of the flower season. On the first ridge of hills separating the interior from the coast, the reserve catches much of what little rain blows in off the sea. In years when surrounding areas have less than splendid displays, the Skilpad section is usually still magnificent. It also has new self-catering units and a 56km 4×4 route within the Park. It also boasts a resource centre that can accommodate groups participating in environmental education and activities. Tel 027 672 1948; Fax 027 672 1015.

|Ai|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park
South Africa’s stunning mountain desert Park has now been amalgamated with Namibia’s |Ai|Ais Park adventurers. Paradoxically beautiful, it is a land for those keen to ‘rough it’. You can explore it from the comfort of your 4×4 or paddle long stretches of the river, taking in the awe-inspiring, seldomseen purity of an unspoilt wilderness. The opening of the Transfrontier Park has lead to the development of far more comfortable accommodation camps on the South African side. All camping sites now have full ablution facilities and new architecturally designed self-catering units have also been built. The four surrounding Richtersveld community towns also offer unique new accommodation establishments. Entrance and overnight permits must be obtained at Sendelingsdrift before entering the Park. Contact The Park Manager, |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, PO Box 406, Alexander Bay 8290. Tel 027 831 1506 Fax 027 831 1175. To book tel 012 428 9111; fax 012 343 0905; email

Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve

Take the R27 turnoff from the N7 national road to Nieuwoudtville, turn right 6km before the town and follow the 10km gravel road to the reserve. This 4 776 hectare reserve is situated in the Bokkeveld Mountains with breath-taking viewing sites over the Knersvlakte, Moutonsberg Mountain, Tierberg Mountain, Vanrhyns Pass, the Klein Kobee and the Oorlogskloof River. The unspoilt wilderness character of the Oorlogskloof (Ravine of War) is best explored on foot and there are 146km of hiking trail to be explored. These trails can be completed in sections or in a single hike ranging from one to seven days. Tel/Fax 027 218 1010.

Tankwa National Park

Situated on the southern boundary of the Northern Cape, with the Roggeveld Escarpment in the east, Cederberg in the west and Klein Roggeveld Mountains in the south, it is four hours away from Cape Town. Tankwa National Park has grown from its original size of 27 000ha to its present 131 000ha and is within the Succulent Karoo Biome. Accommodation ranges from luxury, purpose built, chalets to renovated farm houses and a private lodge. Tel 027 341 1927

Akkerendam Nature Reserve

The reserve, dominated by the Hantam Mountains, is situated just north of Calvinia. Walks in the shadow of the mountain reveal various species of flowers and the Karee Dam provides an oasis for migrating birds.